Monday, March 12, 2018

Feeling like a million bucks!

Photo: Freerangestock
Mr Pain, I can beat you!!! I will not allow you to abuse my body anymore. I will not have you dominate my life, limit my actions or ability to move and do the things I love to do. No longer will I be a slave to your manipulation. You might be there, but you don't own me. I own you. I'm in charge.

Today I proved to myself that I am in control. That I can live without you. It took me 3 months of hard work, determination and perseverance. Going to the gym, stretching and facing the fear of you every single day. Often you've been there, right up my face. Staring at me with your angry eyes. Making me feel small, scared and helpless. Wanting to give up. But I stood up to you. I took a deep breath and held my head up high. Pushed you to the side and did it anyway. I faced the fear. Held on to the steering wheel navigating towards my set goals.

Today I did the skipping rope. And not just that. I did double unders. And not just that. I was fierce. I mean, like a machine did I put hundreds of double unders behind me! I felt so strong. Nothing could stop me. I finished today's gym challenge with huge margin before all the others. And I cried. Of happiness. Of relief. Of exhaustion. That I can do this. I defeated you Mr Pain.



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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Feeling sentimental, feeling hopeful, feeling grateful, feeling love...

Spring, dear spring.
How I long for your presence.
Fill my trees with blossoms in the most delicate shades of pink.
Make the meadow green, lush and wild.
Let me hear the buzz from the busy bees, spot a bumble bee for the first time.
Bring bird song to my early mornings and warming sunlight when I go outside.
Give we a light breeze to dry my laundry.
Give me hope that our universe won’t get defeated by humans' need to consume and abuse the world and its resources until there will be nothing left...

Spring, dear spring.
Let me run around bare feet over the fields, remembering the joy of small things and adventures as they were when I was little and innocent, curious and pure.
I crave an honest life.
I crave simplicity.
I crave the moment I’m in.
Most of all I crave the feeling of love from what matters most in my life.
My children.
The next generation.
Our next spring.

Spring, dear spring.
I love you so.


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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Crochet patchwork inspiration


Left: @gremlincrochet     Right: @brightredcherries

Left: @attysloveforcrochet    Right: @indiblue_makes


Left: @carryoncrochet     Right: @lecosedinonnamariella

My own crochet patchwork WiP.

Hi my lovelies. Today I want to share a post full of colorful crochet inspiration. At times I can see a wave of trends sweep over my Instagram feed: there was the V-stitch blanket wave, multi stitch blanket wave, woven stitch wave, embroidery on crochet fabric wave etc. For a while now  I've spotted these wonderful, beautiful, extraordinary crochet patchwork projects on Instagram. I guess technically every granny square blanket is considered a patchwork as it is made from blocks sewn together, but when I talk about crochet patchwork I refer to the creations that are more of a fusion between a classic patchwork block design and crochet. If you are a quilter you know exactly what I'm talking about (Ohio star blocks, Jack's chain blocks, Tumbling blocks, Pinwheel blocks). When you mix these two fiber arts together - WHIZZZ! - you will get a fabulous fun CROCHET PATCHWORK creation.

The technique has been around forever but as I'm working on my own little patchwork crochet project for the moment, I've discovered I'm not alone in this fun creative journey. You know the phenomenon of buying a purple car and suddenly there are purple cars everywhere, although you never saw them before? Just like that, kind of.

I've collected some of my favorite inspiration sources here today. Find more inspiration searching hashtags like #crochetpatchwork #patchworkcrochet #crochetquilts on Instagram. And visit the ladies I've featured above. They all got wonderful feeds. Now I'll pour myself a cup of coffee and continue playing with my pieces. Can't wait to get started with the joining process. So excited. Are you tempted yet? I'm having so much fun with my project. It is the most fun I've had in ages to be honest. You should give it a try.

Note: All pictures are from Instagram feeds of the mentioned owner in the captions.


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